Newest Nikon 18-140 DX . Tons of unhappy people
  • Why are some people pissed off about this ?image
  • I think it will make a great walkaround lens.
  • Maybe people are upset because Nikon haven't released any DX f2.8 zoom lenses other than the 17-55mm.
  • @SteveMD, in my opinion, DX is slowly being phased out and I believe in 5-10 years time, FX will be in even entry level cameras. If my opinion is correct, there is no point focusing on fancy DX lenses. BUT, for people who just want one lens and have a D3000 or something, this will be a perfect walkaround lens.
  • Latest Sigma rumors were about a 24-70 f/2...Nikon "just" get´s a new improved DX lens out to their folks. A lot of Pros are waiting for a new 24-70 lens from Nikon, no matter what specs it offers.
    BTW: The 24-70 is brilliant, don´t wanna offend anyone :)
  • @tteichmann, a 24-70 f2 would be HUGE. double the light of the current lens, that thing would be a monster! but seriously, i dont see why so many people are unhappy. This lens is just the latest kit lens from nikon. Its not Nikon saying they will never make another piece of pro glass, it's just a new lens for the beginner/amateur market. I didn't see so much uproar when Nikon brought out the latest incarnation of the 18-55! So why is there so muc anger towards Nikon with the announcement of this lens?
  • Kit lens for a D400?? Not wanting to open the D400 "what if" can of worms... but why else release this lens now? As previously mentioned, it's way behind what Sigma are doing for DX. Plus there's already the 18-105 kit lens and the 18-200 lens for DX, so I just don't get why they would release another "middle of the road" DX lens.

    I'm happy buying Sigma and Tamron, so I'm not as upset as most! :)
  • it was released as the new dx 24mp cameras need better kit lenses the old ones just cant keep up with the megapixels
  • I don't think so: 3200 and 5200 came out with 18-105 in kit, and they have 24 mp, so the actual kit lenses should be able to keep up to the pixel density of DX sensors. Or at least I don't think that this one is better than its predecessor in this regard.
    I think this new one is rather a revision of the old 18-135 which was NOT stabilized; if you think this way it has a bit of sense releasing this new lens.

    The only rant I feel to do is that Nikon should do some F/4 zoom lens for DX instead of variable aperture. Or at least some f/2.8-4. That would be really more useful.
  • i agree maybe nikon may be releasing the d400 with it??
    longer reach on a sports type camera
    a 16-85 2.8 would have been nicer but oh well
  • A 16-85 would be stupidly big and a d400 is out of the question. This is just an update for the 18-105. I dont see why everyone is getting so angry about that
  • no one is angry ?? why would anyone be angry lol its not like there isnt enough choice in lenses out there
  • I'm perfectly fine with it :) can't see how a lens could make me angry!
    I don't think a 2.8 zoom would be so immense..that said, a f/4 would be easier and sweet.
  • @nikonracer, 'Unhappy' for a better word.
  • i think its just the influx of rumors everyone expected a fast dx lens a dx sports body and some expected a new prime there just unhappy that they dont get what they want

    this was the rumour
    "Three possible products were mentioned to me: a D300s sucessor, a new 300mm f/4 lens and a new DX zoom lens (probably to be sold as a kit with the D300s successor
  • @nikonracer, I get what you're saying but the D400 has been rumored since the start of 2012 and Nikon have said nothing officially about it, probably because there isn't actually any need for a D300S update with the D7000/D7100 being the top of the line DX cameras.

     There very may well be a new 300 f4 in the works and for all we know, It could be officially announced tomorrow...Just because this lens (which is just the newest edition in an evolution of kit lenses)  has been released, doesn't mean Nikon are shutting down and never making another piece of glass or camera ever again. 
  • I won't wage much into this conversation because I haven't got any money for new lenses. It is amazing how little you follow the releases when you are not searching for one!

    That said, I think there is a bit of a "grass is greener" thing going on. The DX people are looking for more "dx" glass with long reach. As an FX user, I'm waiting for them to release more wide primes for FX. Seems like no one is happy.

    That said, this is an area where Sigma and Tamron are really picking up the slack. They are putting in some pretty spectacular glass these days.

    As for the 18 - 140 - well, I'm not sure why people are ticked off with it (or upset, or angry, or however we will call it). I think when you look at that spec, anybody would read that for what it is - a kit lens. Optical performance is not going to be fantastic at such drastic zoom ranges - at least not with technology that is currently feasable.

    That said, with VR, I bet that the segment of the market this is meant for - namely those buying a "willl do all" lens for their entry level cameras, this lens would be a completely awesome lens.
  • @Willthenikonfellow, i don't think a "Only fx line-up" will happen soon, since nikon is planning to start a D1000 line, which will probably have a DX sensor, and the size of about the Canon 100d ;)
  • I bought this lens yesterday along with the Nikon d7100 and im very happy with it so far. the pictures are very sharp and the colours are amazing

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